About me

I aim to craft excellent solutions to problems. By firstly choosing the right technologies for the job. Iterative implementations to ensure the highest quality and performance and finally maintaining relevant upkeep and extension of deployed solutions.

With experience leading projects technically from the ground up, providing technical talks to other internal engineers and consulting others with their problems.

Current Role:

I am currently a software engineering consultant for BJSS based in leeds. Delivering a project using Python, AWS and Terraform.

Tech i have experience in:

  • C#
  • GO
  • Python
  • PHP
  • JS/TS (React, Angular, Vue)
  • Cloud Providers (AWS, Azure)
  • Containers (Docker, AKS, Kubernetes, ECS/ECR)
  • API (REST, GraphQL)
  • DB (PostGreSQL, MS/MYSQL, DynamoDB, CosmosDB)
  • GIT

But i mostly like to use what ever is the best fit for the problem at hand. So don't worry if its not on the list as I can rapidly up skill and jump right in!